What is Tryfoto?

Tryfoto is a platform for creative minds to submit or pick pictures. We upload the pictures submitted by various photographers that can be used free of cost.


Are these images free to use?

Yes, absolutely. You are free to choose the images you want and you can use it anywhere without asking for permission.


Why was my image not selected?

You need to comply with the guidelines and only then can your image be published.


Are these pictures free?

Yes, they are absolutely free!


Can I edit these pictures?

Yes, you can edit, add text, add filters and modify in any other way.


Can I use these pictures for social media?

Yes, you can post this and even use it in any form even for the social media.


Can I use these pictures for a commercial project?

Yes, you can get these printed or even use them for your website or any other commercial use.


Do I need to mention the source?

No, your attribution is not required. The person gets motivated if you do so but there is no compulsion.


What happens after I upload my photo?

Our team reviews the image and once it is approved you will get a notification. 


Tryfoto accepts contributions from featured photographers. The photographs should be high quality and high resolution. We also provide link to your profile, which will help people to view your work. You need to give brief of the photograph and they should be free of any copyright infringement. 


If you don't find any other answers then please contact us here.